Total Relaxation: The Impossible Dream

My sweet, very VERY energetic little monster baby girl is 10 months old and walking.


Yes, walking. At 10 months. Not just taking steps here and there, or cruising along furniture. She’s been doing that since right before she turned 8 months.

She is full-on W-A-L-K-I-N-G.

Most babies start becoming bipedal-ly mobile around 12-13 months of age. Just like her months-too-early tooth eruption (her molars just broke through, BTW), she’s determined to drive me crazy prove her capabilities and intelligence.

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On Teething, or “Don’t Bite The Boob Feeds You”

My baby girl is what our pediatrician calls, “Advanced.”


She could hold her head up the day she was born.  She was rolling from tummy to back at 1 month, back to tummy at 3 months, and she’s well on her way to crawling at 4.5 months (lord, help us).

Another early physical milestone: TEETH.

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Haiku Friday: On Sleep Regression


I’d heard the rumors
‘Bout 4 month sleep regression.
Thought, “Nah, that’s not us.”

“Alana is great;
We’re sleeping 8 full hours!”
Sweet naivete.

Back to fractured sleep –
Just how long will this phase last?
Mommy needs a nap…

But also caffeine!
So many things to be done –
A child to rear!

Two cups of coffee,
It’s time to be productive!
But first, I must nurse…

Three hours later
And we’re asleep on the couch.
The nap always wins.




PumpingCon (or, an Ode to Working, Breastfeeding Mothers)

Motherhood is a hard gig.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it about 8,000 more times in the next 5 or so years (months? days?)…

Being a working mom – I have friends who do it.  I don’t know how.  But they do.  My hat’s off to them.  Seriously, though, how DO they do it!?

Working moms who pump all day long to maintain their breastmilk supply?


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