3 Months In, 3 Lessons Learned

I’ve discovered a startling trend to my blog posts: Complete astonishment at how quickly time passes.

Somehow, a whole month has gone by since my last post. Babies, man. Just…Babies.


Of course, this translates into my life in that I constantly feel like time is passing and I’m not taking full advantage of it – and I mean that in every way possible.

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8 weeks, or some shit

That’s how long it takes to sit down and write an actual for-realsies post.

8 weeks

Because, like my sweet, sleeping daughter (above), I’m too tired to give a good goddamn. #imwithher?

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Confessions of a New Mom: Episode 1

I’ve only done this mom thing for a hair over a month, but I already have a sneaking suspicion that I can’t be the only one who sometimes opts for less-than-Pinterest mom behavior when no one is looking. Hence the premise for this new confessional series.

Here’s the first:

Just picked Alana’s first legit booger…


…didn’t have a tissue handy. Fed booger to dog.


4th Attempt

I have 3 partial blog entries, all left as drafts in various states of progress.

Because, well…



So, in the spirit of never having enough time to finish things ever again, I publish this, my first postpartum post!

Stay tuned for more!*

*Because who knows? I may get around to finishing at least one of these 3 other posts…or start writing 3 more…

Coming soon. Very, very soon.

Not another sappy motherhood blog…


The face of fear.

Hi, I’m Becca.  And I’m going to be a 30-something lady child pretending to be a MOM!  (thumbs up)

I’m not afraid to be really for-real about things.  FO’ REAL.

As long as we have that understanding, I cannot apologize for anything you read on this blog that might (read – will):

  • Offend
  • Disgust
  • Puzzle
  • Annoy
  • Shock
  • Cause dizziness, nausea, or numbness/tingling (in this case, please call your PCP or 911)