On Teething, or “Don’t Bite The Boob Feeds You”

My baby girl is what our pediatrician calls, “Advanced.”


She could hold her head up the day she was born.  She was rolling from tummy to back at 1 month, back to tummy at 3 months, and she’s well on her way to crawling at 4.5 months (lord, help us).

Another early physical milestone: TEETH.

For easy reference, I’ve provided this tooth eruption chart from Orajel’s website.


Alana has both of her lower central incisors. She’s had them for about a month.

Most babies don’t get their first tooth until 6 months, or sometimes later! So, to have 2 teeth before 4 months…it’s not very common.

As you can probably imagine, teeth and breastfeeding aren’t exactly compatible. It’s not that they can’t coexist; there are just adjustments that need to be made. And typically, those adjustments are easier to make with a 6+ month old who has a slightly better understanding of cause & effect reprimanding. Plus, at that age, pediatricians give the thumbs up to start solid food, so at least the boob isn’t the only source of sustenance.

Thus, my predicament…


Can we also just take a moment to appreciate the forgotten brilliance of this 90s gem, Dinosaurs?

Believe me when I say I am way proud of my “advanced” girl…But mommy never wanted a nipple piercing.


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