Haiku Friday: On Sleep Regression


I’d heard the rumors
‘Bout 4 month sleep regression.
Thought, “Nah, that’s not us.”

“Alana is great;
We’re sleeping 8 full hours!”
Sweet naivete.

Back to fractured sleep –
Just how long will this phase last?
Mommy needs a nap…

But also caffeine!
So many things to be done –
A child to rear!

Two cups of coffee,
It’s time to be productive!
But first, I must nurse…

Three hours later
And we’re asleep on the couch.
The nap always wins.





4th Attempt

I have 3 partial blog entries, all left as drafts in various states of progress.

Because, well…



So, in the spirit of never having enough time to finish things ever again, I publish this, my first postpartum post!

Stay tuned for more!*

*Because who knows? I may get around to finishing at least one of these 3 other posts…or start writing 3 more…

Coming soon. Very, very soon.

Not another sappy motherhood blog…


The face of fear.

Hi, I’m Becca.  And I’m going to be a 30-something lady child pretending to be a MOM!  (thumbs up)

I’m not afraid to be really for-real about things.  FO’ REAL.

As long as we have that understanding, I cannot apologize for anything you read on this blog that might (read – will):

  • Offend
  • Disgust
  • Puzzle
  • Annoy
  • Shock
  • Cause dizziness, nausea, or numbness/tingling (in this case, please call your PCP or 911)