PumpingCon (or, an Ode to Working, Breastfeeding Mothers)

Motherhood is a hard gig.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it about 8,000 more times in the next 5 or so years (months? days?)…

Being a working mom – I have friends who do it.  I don’t know how.  But they do.  My hat’s off to them.  Seriously, though, how DO they do it!?

Working moms who pump all day long to maintain their breastmilk supply?


Last year’s DragonCon (aka SoberCon) was spent battling my new pregnancy hormones, plus not drinking.

This year’s will heretofore be known as PUMPINGCON. 


Because I feel like a pumped all. damned. weekend.

Between the actual time it takes to pump, plus set up of the pump, storage of the milk, and breakdown and CLEANING (omfg, the CLEANING) of the parts…That shit is TIME CONSUMING.

This is the part where I would LOVE to get on my soapbox and write out a very lengthy rant about how mothers are set up for failure with regards to career & motherhood goals.

But my baby is crying and I’m already having a hard enough time maintaining this blog (AGAIN – SRSLY, WORKING MOMS, HOWWWWW?!?)…

So I’ll just leave these here for your perusal…


And this…



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