Childbed Fever: A Fluke (In 2 Parts)

I’ve got a fever…And the only prescription is more…


ANTIBIOTICS!!  (sadly, not cowbell)

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Greetings! I am writing this entry 18 days postpartum from the high risk floor of the hospital’s women’s center!

As it turns out, I couldn’t be blessed with an easy pregnancy, relatively smooth birth, AND graceful recovery.

Over the past few days, a still unconfirmed type of bacterial infection has had my body FREAKING. THE. FUCK. OUT.


The onset included flu-like symptoms, such as aches, chills, hot flashes, and a strangely erratic fever. I mean, it went from nearly 104, back to sub-100, then back up again, taking me on a hellish roller coaster of shivering uncontrollably, to peeling off all my layers like an overly excited tourist at a nude beach, to bathing in a swimming pool of my own sweat as I switch from extreme to extreme, all within a few hours’ time.

All this while taking care of a newborn!!!!!


Fast forward to earlier today, where I decided to call my OB and ask WTF was happening, not expecting to be told to go straight to the ER.

And 6 hours of largely inconclusive testing later, the nurses witnessed my fever spike to 103, which finally confirmed that 1) I was not crazy, and 2) I probably needed to stay at the hospital.

And so, instead of not getting a full night of sleep at home because of a baby, I’ll be not getting a full night of sleep at the hospital. Alone.

It’s strange. In the almost 3 weeks of being a mother, I already had forgotten what it’s like to not have a baby constantly in my care. And today, I had to leave Baby A in the care of someone else (my awesome sister, in this case). You’d think that in my years of being an independent, childless adult, it would almost be a welcome relief not to have a little rugrat to obsessively check on. And, to be fair, I had already totally looked forward to that day (which I imagined wouldn’t be until DragonCon on Labor Day weekend).  But, hey, shit happens.  And this is certainly “ripping the Band Aid off,” so to speak.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

TIME JUMP to 32 Days Post-Partum…

As I mentioned in my “first” motherhood post, time is a fickle fucking mistress.

It’s now 2 weeks after my trip to the ER.  I have some answers as to what happened, but my doctors are still largely baffled at how and why I ended up in my situation.

Here’s what we know:  I somehow contracted a uterine streptococcal infection that later entered my bloodstream, triggering a severe immune response…

Basically, I was in the beginning stages of sepsis.  Which is deadly if not treated quickly. In fact, what I experienced used to be referred to as “childbed fever” in ye olden days, and was a leading cause of maternal death. Yep.

Here’s what we don’t know:  Basically anything else.  As one of my doctors put it: “This is a total fluke.”

So, after 2 days in the hospital and a little begging, they released me under the condition that I return to the hospital daily for a week to receive antibiotic infusions.


Giving myself a manicure at Spa Northside Infusion Center. Very posh.

Now that I’m finished with all that nonsense, it’s back to my regularly scheduled* motherhood!

*lol – Motherhood is anything but regularly scheduled.  I learned that very quickly.


One thought on “Childbed Fever: A Fluke (In 2 Parts)

  1. Whoa!! What a rollercoaster! 😦 Yuck, having a fever is always the WORST – sorry you had to experience that all with your little one to care for. XO


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